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$5 Baths for our 5th Anniversary

This September marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of Sit, Stay, N’ Play Dog Park!

We felt the need to show our gratitude and appreciation for our customers and employees who allowed us to grow from a husband and wife operation to a small business that employs 11 wonderful people and also to share some things we have learned about owning a dog business.

  1. 1. Our employees rock!

We have a GREAT group of employees! Working in a daycare and boarding facility is not just “playing with dogs all day” and it is more “catering to dogs needs all day” and that takes a special person to do such a thing. Fortunately playing with dogs is included in the job description of catering to dogs, but there is definitely more to working in a daycare and boarding facility than just playing with dogs.






  1. Dog lovers make the world go round.

The second realization we have had is that there is a large portion of people in the world who share the same passion and love for their dogs as we do. As the owners of the business we always felt our love for our dogs was extreme and unparalleled (and often times absurd: for instance: making my mom sit in the back seat of my car while my dog rode shot gun because he refused to sit in the back seat (to me that was a normal solution)) but we have definitely come to realize our passion is often times matched. 


  1. Dogs are people too!

And last point we will leave you with, is we have come to learn that dogs really are not much different than humans. These past 5 years have shown us that dogs exhibit the same characteristics and emotions that humans do. For instance, dogs that come to our facility for daycare or boarding develop relationships with other dogs just like people do and they get excited when they see his or her best friend come into the facility. It is quite marvelous to see how truly communal dogs really are and how much they love having companionship with other dogs. One stark difference between dogs and humans is their capacity to love and forgive. Dogs seem to have a great knack for unconditional love and are quick to forgive.


Again, we want to thank everyone for the past 5 years and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 5 years will bring.

In light of our celebration if your pup is at daycare or boarding between September 6-8, we are going to offer $5 baths! (Appointment must be made 24 hours in advance.)