Tug comes to daycare at Sit, Stay, N’ Play a few times a week. Along with having the most gorgeous golden glow this boy is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet! We never see him without a smile on his face. He’s a huge fan of snuggling with employees when he’s not chasing the ball or playing with his friends. Speaking of friends, Tug is friends with every dog and employee here! =]


How were you and your dog united?

I found his breeder on AKC website. We met him at 6 weeks and fell in love. We got to pick him up at 8 weeks! His breeder said this is the one she would have kept but wasn’t wanting another one! My husband, Ansel, said this is the one you keep going to so we got him and took him home! We were very happy parents! I will never forget that day!!

Does Tug have a favorite place to go for outings?

He loves going to Rip Rap bike path for walks and he loves Rural King! But honestly, he loves going to daycare at Sit, Stay, N’ Play. He has so much fun and he comes home so tired! I am so grateful for Sit, Stay, N’ Play. They are so sweet there and I just love the facility and the people!!

If Tug could pick a movie to watch/favorite movie, what would it be?

He loves Despicable Meand then Minionsand Frozen! I’m not even kidding, he seriously loves them!!

Funniest thing Tug has ever done.

Tug is always funny! His love for tennis balls is hilarious. Just living with Tug, he does something funny all of the time. It’s hard to pinpoint one time he’s been goofy!

What is Tug’s best quality?

 Tug is so loving he loves to cuddle and he loves to just be with you. He has no sense of personal space! He has the biggest heart and just wants attention and love. I would do anything for him he has my whole heart!! I love my cuddle time with Tug!!!!