Meet Max and Jax! This brother and sister duo are absolutely sweet hearts! While Max is a bit smaller than Jax, her personality is definitely just as large! She likes to make sure that order is kept in play group while Jax floats from clique to clique and checking in with his sister in between.


What are your pups’ name, gender, age, breed?

Maxine is our 4 year old princess & Jax is our 3 year old prince.  Both are Cane Corsos, also known as an Italian Mastiff.


How were you and your dogs united?

Maxine was our first dog.  We were living in Florida upon graduating college and getting married.  Mom and
Dad wanted an all-black male Cane Corso named Maximus, aka Max. However, the only all black puppy in the liter was a female, so we named her Maxine which means Princess, and she sure lives up to it!  We intended on still calling her Max for short, but Maxine just stuck for us, although everyone else calls her Max and she responds to it.  When we moved to Ohio eight months later, Maxine became depressed.  After nursing her back to normal we decided a brother may be a good thing for her, so she always has a friend…

Three months after moving to Ohio, we had discussed getting a second puppy, but weren’t going to start looking until spring.  God had other plans.  We learned through a friend that an animal rescue in Cincinnati had just rescued a liter of five Cane Corso puppies.  Come to find out, a breeder had thrown the liter out because she couldn’t sell them on account for the mother not being full Cane Corso.  We knew we had to give one of the babies a good home.  Enter Jax!  His full name is Ajax, but we call him Jax.  Ajax is a Greek warrior that fought alongside Achilles, he was a survivor, just like our new little boy.  Plus, who doesn’t love Max and Jax together!

Maxine and Jax became fast buddies and are inseparable now.  We love these two sweet goof-balls so very much!


What is their favorite treat?

Jax LOVES ice cubes and will wait in front of the freezer until you give him one.  But, both Maxine and Jax will do anything for popcorn or peanut butter!


Any silly nicknames for Jax and Maxine?

Maxine’s nickname is usually just babygirl, but Dad also calls her Maxinie-Bear.  She is very emotional though
(if you know her you understand!) so as a puppy we called her “Max-motion,” short for maximum emotion.

Jax got the nickname “Bubby” when as a puppy mom would either call him buddy or baby, but accidently combined the two one day and the name just stuck.


If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Jax and Max could speak, who should voice each of them?

Maxine would be voiced by Lizzo, the singer/rapper.  We think this would be perfect because Lizzo is full of attitude just like Maxine is.  With Maxine’s different attitudes, also comes the many facial expressions, which Lizzo also has plenty of.  Also, Lizzo doesn’t take anyone’s crap and neither does Maxine when it comes to rough housing with Jax or putting him in his place.

Jax would definitely be voiced by Jason Momoa.  Like Jax, Jason Momoa is big and a bit scary looking from first look, but he is super goofy and just a big ol’ teddy bear.  He would perfectly portray Jax’s completely goofy demeanor and extremely happy personality.