September Dog of the Month: Lucy

Meet Lucy! Lucy is an extremely gregarious little girl who has one goal in life: make more friends! She hangs with the cool kids at daycare, and is one of the popular girls. You won't catch this little girl playing in the hose or chasing the…

Labor Day Holiday Hours

Happy Labor Day!   We will be CLOSED on Monday, September 2nd.   We will be closing EARLY on Tuesday, September 3rd at 5p due to the Doggie Splash! (click here for more details on this awesome event)! 

August Dogs of the Month: Sadie and Sophie

August Dogs of the Month are Sadie and Sophie, the bunny butt duo!  These girls love nothing more than to bounce around and play with the water hose.  Sophie has a boyfriend who looks like a miniature version of her, but Sadie is more interested…
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Doggie Splash 2019

Sit, Stay, N’ Play presents the 4th Annual Doggie Splash! Mark your calendars Tuesday, September 3, 2019 from 5p-8p at the Kroger Aquatic Center at the Heights (8625 Brandt Pike). Bring your family and your dog(s)! There will be open swimming…
dogs line up with owners for training
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It's All in the Leash

  Please, no retractable leashes.  This is often seen on veterinary clinic doors, doggie event fliers, and usually are not permitted to be used during training classes.  While retractable leashes are a good alternative…
Happy white labrador looking at the camera

July Dog of the Month: Roxy

Meet Roxy Dog! She is the smallest, little yellow lab you will ever meet but with the biggest presence! She loves to come in and say hi to anyone willing to offer some attention. Roxy is a wee bit obsessed with water, so when she is at doggy…