4th of July Holiday Hours

Happy Independence Day! Thank you to all who have served and those who continue to serve. Enjoy the holiday!     We will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 4th. (Boarding pick up times at 9am and 5pm)  

June Dogs of the Month: Hoyt and Willow

Hoyt and Willow are a brother and sister duo from the same litter that enjoy much different pass times. During doggy daycare you will usually find Hoyt chasing reflections or bugs while Willow would rather wrestle with her friends. Willow usually…
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Pandemic Pampering: June Spa Special

June Spa Special is here! Your pup deserves to get clean after this quarantine! We are offering our Pandemic Pampering: June Spa Special every day in June. Bath with brushing, nail trim, facial, ear cleaning, teeth brushing for just $20! Make…
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Free Puppy Days is extended through June!

Sit, Stay, N' Play's Free Puppy Days is back for the month of June! On Saturdays in  June, 4 to 6 month old puppies will be able to come play at doggy daycare for FREE!   Socialization for puppies of this age is tremendously important…
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10% Off Upcoming Obedience Classes

Did you get a new puppy during quarantine? Or maybe while working from home, you've realized your older pup has some bad behaviors that need fixed. Now is the perfect time to start your relationship off on the right paw! Puppy Kindergarten…

Memorial Day Hours

We are open Saturday 8AM - 5PM. We are closed on Sunday and Monday. If your dog is boarding, you can pickup at 9AM or 5PM.   Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We want to thank everyone who courageously gave their lives and to those…