April Dogs of the Month: Maxine and Jax

Meet Max and Jax! This brother and sister duo are absolutely sweet hearts! While Max is a bit smaller than Jax, her personality is definitely just as large! She likes to make sure that order is kept in play group while Jax floats from clique…

COVID-19 Response

We are all facing a situation that is, in many ways, unprecedented due to the COVID-19 virus. This is a difficult time for all, but together we will be able to meet the challenges of the months ahead. The health of our families and communities…
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Spring Spa Special

Spring Spa Special is here! This special will run March 21st to April 18th. Bath with brushing, nail trim, facial, ear cleaning, teeth brushing for just $20! Make your appointment today!  

Buster and Sammy: March Dogs of the Month

Meet Buster and Sammy! They may be small, but they prefer to be identified as big dogs. Buster loves to catch frisbees and sing the song of his people. Sammy enjoys hanging out with his mama and lounging on the picnic tables at daycare. They…
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Whoa, your dog wears a muzzle?!?!

Have you ever seen a dog out in public wearing a muzzle and wondered why?  There are many reasons why a dog may need to be muzzled, and you may be surprised to know that it isn’t always aggression related.  Unfortunately, muzzles carry the…

March Madness Bracket Challenge

Who loves March Madness!?!?   Sit, Stay, N’ Play is doing a March Madness Bracket Challenge because what pup doesn’t love basketball. One bracket entry per owner and the winner wins a FREE bath and nail trim (for each pup if you…