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Dog of the Month: Charlie

Charlie is December Dog of the Month! He is the one and only Sheepdog that comes to Sit, Stay, N’ Play. It is rare to only have one dog of a certain breed, so we always know it is Charlie when he walks through the door. Charlie typically comes to daycare with his sister Bella and they stay pretty close together throughout the day. Bella is a ball lover so she is constantly running and right behind her is Charlie every time!


What’s your dog’s name, gender, breed?

Charlie is a male Olde English Sheepdog

How were you and your dog united?

We were united through a breeder in Kentucky who I went to high school with. We had another Sheepdog, Albert, who was bred through her and was also a visitor of Sit, Stay, N’ Play.  Albert and Charlie have the same father and their mothers are sisters. So Albert and Charlie are half-brothers and cousins. =]

Who is your dog’s best pet-pal?

Charlie’s best pals are his sister Bella and his nephew Tucker. He loves to chase Bella when she plays frisbee.

 If he could have a human job what would it be?

If Charlie could have a human job it would be  a policeman. He doesn’t like people slapping each other and will intercede if he sees it.

Does your dog have a favorite place to go for outings?

His favorite place to hang out is definitely dog parks. He loves other dogs more than other people!

5 reasons you’d like to be your dog for a day. 

Five reasons I would love to be Charlie for a day:  1. Sleep on the rocking chair. 2. Ride in the car with my head hanging out. 3.Play frisbee with Bella. 4. Get fed whenever I beg. 5. Chew bottles until the caps come off!!











If you’d like your pup to be featured as Dog of the Month, let us know! alison@sitstaynplaydogpark.com