Dog of the Month: Tucker

Tucker is November Dog of the Month! Tucker is a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd. Tucker has been coming to Sit, Stay, N’ Play for years! He is no stranger to the play area and always stays close to the human in charge. We love having him at daycare!

-Does your dog have a favorite place to go for outings?

Tucker loves going to Sit, Stay, N’ Play, otherwise he is a pretty happy pup going wherever his human mom and dad are.

-Where does your dog sleep?  

At night, Tucker usually starts out sleeping on the bed with mom and dad, then moves to his bed or the bathroom floor.  During the day, Tucker loves to nap on the bed in front of a big window overlooking the backyard or is happy snoozing on the couch.

-Any silly tricks your dog can do?

About the only silly trick Tucker does is the boy will take absolutely anything you give him, but you have to give it to him or else he won’t take it.  He’s taken newspapers, plungers, napkins, celery – you name it!  He also loves howling as long as he isn’t doing it solo!  Either mom and dad have to start or he needs the help of some YouTube doggie friends to really get going.

-If your dog could pick a movie to watch/fav movie, what would it be?

Tucker would probably like any movie with dogs in it.  He doesn’t seem to have much preference as long as he gets to cuddle up with mom and dad.