Dog of the Month: Ziva

Ziva is October Dog of the Month! Ziva is a 6 year old Golden Retriever who is a trickster. She is so smart and loves to play tricks on our staff while she is at daycare. Her favorite is sneaking up behind you and grabbing paper towels out of your pocket and then hiding under the picnic table. She never ceases to make us laugh at Sit, Stay, N’ Play.

-Dogs favorite treat?

Her favorite treat is any cookie.

– How were you and your dog united?

Newspaper ad that had pictures of her parents.

-How did your dog get his name?

We named her after another dog I knew and when we researched the name we liked the meaning of the name.

-What special way do you spoil/ pamper your dog?

Give her all kinds of love and attention!

-What is your dog’s best quality?

She’s very smart and a thinker and will not allow herself to be ignored.


We’d love to feature your pup as Dog of the Month, let us know if you’d like to participate by emailing alison@sitstaynplaydogpark.com.