Spring is here, and with the warmer temperatures and sun shining it is a great time to go enjoy the outdoors with your pup.  The list of activities and social outings that you and Fido might like to enjoy range from hiking to swimming.  Even though it may seem like the perfect time of year to enjoy yourselves, we urge you to use flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

This time of year is still risky for vector born disease. These are the agents for disease transfer. For our area, the most worrisome is caused by fleas, ticks, and most of all mosquitoes.

  1. Fleas: Fleas can be a problem all year long. A few signs your dog may have fleas is excessive scratching and flea dirt (black specks from adult flea fecal matter) on your dog or your dog’s bed. Not only will your dog be itchy and uncomfortable but they can become infested with tapeworms if they ingest a flea.
  2. Ticks: Ticks love the soft warm fur of your pup to grab on to and imbed in their skin. There are different breeds of ticks here in Ohio and they can cause Lyme Disease if prevention is not used on your dog.
  3. Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes transfer heartworms, but with simple monthly preventative from your vet, this can be avoided.  How can we avoid mosquitoes biting our pets and causing other diseases?  The most common, and easiest way is to use an insect repellant.  Just a quick browse of the web will give you the most popular options.  Please be careful to buy something that is safe for your dogs.

Here at Sit, Stay, N’ Play we urge all of our pet owners to take precaution and give their pup monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. You can get your pup started on a heartworm preventative by going to your vet’s office. As for fleas and ticks, Sit, Stay, N’ Play does sell Seresto collars which is a convenient, easy-to-apply collar that protects your pup against fleas, ticks, and lice for 8 months, and Advantix which is a monthly topical application. We also offer flea baths as well as full service grooming.