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Please, no retractable leashes.  This is often seen on veterinary clinic doors, doggie event fliers, and usually are not permitted to be used during training classes.  While retractable leashes are a good alternative to an off leash pup during a hike in a secluded area, they are a bad solution to keeping your dog tethered to you in areas where you are in close contact with other people and their pooches.



Why retractable leashes aren’t allowed everywhere

Retractable leashes do not offer the control that is necessary in a bustling environment. It’s very difficult to keep your dog from visiting with other dogs and people that may not appreciate their presence.  Even though your retractable has a locking feature, the sturdiness of the line on a retractable is lacking.  Whenever I have to handle a dog that is on a retractable leash, it feels like I am trying to reel in a fish out of water.  The best way to make sure that everyone’s personal space is respected, using a standard 6 foot is the best way to keep Fifi by your side in a safe manner.


Why are retractable leashes dangerous and counterproductive?

  • Allows your dog to get too far away from you (15-30ft), where a bad situation could escalate quickly before you are able to reach your dog.
  • Tangles can and do happen OFTEN, and can cause serious injuries to you or innocent bystanders.
  • A dog on a retractable leash is often able to run into the street, or up to strange dogs and people that may not be friendly.
  • If the cord breaks while extended it can snap back and injure the owner.
  • Retractable leashes will teach a dog to pull while on leash, thus making it impossible to put your dog on a 6ft and expect them to respect that boundary.

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