January Dogs of the Month: Bo and Ginger

Bo and Ginger are Blood Hounds that often come to daycare and occasionally board at Sit, Stay, N’ Play. It is rare that we see this breed at our facility and we love taking care of these sweet temperament (and ginormous) pups! 

What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Bo (BoCephus): My son named him after the country legend! 3 y/o male Blood Hound, 26/28 inches high at shoulder, and 145 lbs of pure muscle.

Ginger: 2 y/o female Blood Hound, 24-26 inches at shoulder, and 150-160 lbs (we like to say she is big boned).


Dogs favorite treat?

Bo:  Loves tracheas ….(and shoes!). Pretty much any people food as well, but only gets meat once in a while.

Ginger: Ginger likes anything that is food! I suppose any “treat” excites her (even the occasional cat food or poop)!  🙁   But anything she can chew on like tracheas or rib bones.


How were you and your dog united?

I researched this breed for a long time. I had Bassets and love the hound breed. But I wanted a bigger dog this time around. My son looked them up and I fell in love. I searched through the AKA website for reputable breeders and found one in Missouri…the rest is history! I spent a lot of time emailing and texting the breeder and once she had a litter confirmed, she picked the one that she felt would match my personality and life style. She was right on! We met them halfway and brought him home. It was love at first site.

Ginger is from the same breeder as Bo. She is actually Bo’s niece…if that works in dog terms! However, this time, I actually went on a road trip with my future daughter-in-law and we went to Missouri to pick her up. We got to meet the breeder in person and see the kennel, which is very, very nice. She was so little when we got her, she rode in the floor board of the front seat between Emily’s legs the entire trip!


Who is your dog’s best pet-pal?

Bo: I would have to say Bo’s best pet pal is Ginger. Even though he wants his special time with me and can be that “bully big brother.” He is super protective of her and waits for her in the morning to go out, etc. He will go to her crate/room to get her!

Ginger: Ginger’s best pet pal is –with NO questions– BO! She idolizes him and has from day one!  She actually listens to him better than to me…before she does anything I say, she looks at Bo to get the “okay.” She is just now starting to break away from this a bit. I think she likes it when I spoil her now! But she is still right on Bo’s heels all the time. As a matter of fact, they went to puppy jail one day after a little unplanned excursion around the neighborhood and the officer that took them in asked if she was blind because she always had to be touching Bo…I think for security (and yes, he did protect her…would not let anyone near her at first).  She looks up to him for protection–she does not have the dominant, confident personality that he has. She does like the cats now, too…she got over the obsession once she figured out what they were!


What is your dog’s best quality?

Bo: Bo’s best quality is his sweet, sweet personality. He is so smart and doesn’t miss a thing. He loves to cuddle! I can cuddle, kiss, and lay on him all day and he is happy.  He gives great eye contact!

Ginger: Ginger’s best quality is by far her nose! I think it is much keener than Bo’s. It actually gets her into trouble! When we were at training, she kept stopping at one of the cubes around the perimeter (that is used to train scent dogs for the police).  I finally asked what was in it –it was peanut butter!!!!  But otherwise, Ginger is very sweet too. Just very, very stubborn. And she loves to be petted…just NO kisses and cuddles…she kind of just gives me a deep sigh and tolerates me then moves away.


What is your dog’s favorite climate/weather?

Bo: Bo loves/tolerates the cooler weather much better than hot. This is typical for hounds.

Ginger: Ginger also tolerates the cooler weather better but is a little frailer than Bo. She does tend to shiver if it’s too cold!!


Where does your dog sleep?

Bo: Where does Bo sleep??? Well….he has always slept in his crate in my room. I somehow started cuddling with him for a bit before bed and then he would just “go to bed.” But, as time went on, he started sleeping all night in my bed! I planned on putting him and Ginger in the same room eventually but he is kind of my “hearing -ear dog.” I think he senses that it gives me comfort. I am extremely hard of hearing and he lets me know if anyone comes in or up the driveway. So, I guess the answer is…he sleeps with me!! (Although he still has his crate for comfort if needed).

Ginger: Ginger sleeps in her crate in the room next to mine–with the cats! She would love to sleep in my bed but not only is she unable to jump up that far–or is too lazy–Bo will NOT let her!!! He won’t let her even inside the door of “our room.” Sometimes if we are napping in the day or go to bed early…she sneaks in while he is asleep and takes a nap towards my side of the bed!!