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January is Walk Your Dog Month

So obviously it seems like a silly month for Ohioans to try and get out and walk their dogs more, but it is always a good idea to switch it up during these cold winter months and take your pup for a walk.


Be in Charge: When walking your pup they can pull or go for a squirrel, but make sure you are the pack leader. At Sit, Stay, N’ Play, we have great training classes that can help with walking your pup on leash and help you feel confident going out with your pup.


Choose the Proper Leash: There are so many different kinds of leashes and harnesses out in the world that it can be hard to know which one is right for your dog. Picking the right one is key to handling your pup properly. Sit, Stay, N’ Play sells specialty harnesses and gentler leaders (Freedom Harnesses and NewTrix) that can make a world of difference. Stop by and ask our front desk about your options.


Choose Your Path: Switch up which routes you take to keep your pup interested. There are some great hiking trails nearby that may be a great change of scenery for your pup rather than walking around your neighborhood. Also, know how far you and your pup can go. Don’t get too far away from home in this cold weather and then realize you and your dog are struggling. Watch for signs of your pup being too cold.


Or if it is super snowy and cold outside (which is not surprising for this time of year in Ohio), Sit, Stay, N’ Play offers doggie daycare 6 days a week. Doggie Daycare can be just as tiring as a walk and can help your pup with their social behaviors with other dogs and other people. So, even though it is Walk Your Dog Month, sometimes it is much easier to pretend it is Drop Your Dog Off at Daycare Month. =]