Happy white labrador looking at the camera

Meet Roxy Dog! She is the smallest, little yellow lab you will ever meet but with the biggest presence! She loves to come in and say hi to anyone willing to offer some attention. Roxy is a wee bit obsessed with water, so when she is at doggy daycare you will usually find her with the employee who is using the hose. =]


What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Roxy Sweetheart Dog

English Lab Retriever

turning 4 July 9


How were you and your pup united?

I wanted a yellow lab for 9 years and finally bought her as a graduation gift to myself. I asked the litter of pups, “who wants to be the most loved dog in the world?” She won me over with kisses and has been enjoying the good life since.


How did your Roxy get her name?  Any aliases?

I wanted a boy with plans to name him Rocky (after the movies) so when I picked a girl I changed it to Roxy and she goes by Rox.


Who is your dog’s best pet-pal?

Her half-sister from another mister Lex.


Describe Roxy’s perfect day.

A perfect day would start with a puppuccino from Starbucks, then a play date with her dog/ human friends at Sit, Stay N’ Play (with plenty of playing in the hose) and then end with a walk and cuddles.

If she could have a human job what would it be?

Rox would be a life coach. She starts every day happy and excited. There isn’t a person or animal she doesn’t want to be friends with. She is an excellent listener and is always willing to listen. Her sweet heart and positive attitude would make her the perfect life coach.


If she was a rockstar/musician who would she be?  

She has a theme song, Happy by Pharrell