Gauge and Ella are dogs with a big presence. They are as opposite in personality as they are in appearance. Gauge is a stocky black lab mix, and Ella is a taller yellow lab. Gauge loves the water and perching between the employees’ feet for attention; while Ella prefers to sun bathe as much as possible. These two have been coming to daycare at Sit, Stay, N’ Play since almost the very beginning and we just love to see their faces walk through the door!


What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Ella – 7 yo  female Labrador

Gauge- 6 yo male Lab/Newfoundland

How were you and your pups united?

Ella was very sad when our Bulldog passed. We got Gauge so that she had a companion. They are very close and Gauge loves his big sister.

Dogs’ favorite treat?


Cat, postman, squirrel…?

The cat sometimes; rabbits in the yard. Mostly they bark at everything!

Ball, squeaky-toy, stick…?

Anything they can rip stuffing out of and water bottles

If they could answer only one question in English, what would you ask them?

Who got in the pantry?

What is Gauge and Ella’s best quality?

Their devotion to each other and their humans. They are such loving dogs.