When Emmett arrives at Sit, Stay, N’ Play, he is the life of the party! He is a gregarious golden who makes friends with everyone! You can often find him wrestling with a playmate or chasing a ball during doggy daycare

What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Emmett Nagy, Male, 2 years old (May 21), Golden Retriever

What is Emmett’s favorite treat?

Emmett LOVES peanut butter

How were you and Emmett united?

Golden Retrievers are my absolute favorite breed and it was our family dog when I was growing up. Ever since college I always looked up Golden Retriever puppies for sale but friends and family would tell me it wasn’t good timing. After my husband and I got married I was looking up Golden Retrievers and found the cutest puppy! It was the first time I heard the words “we should get him” after years of people telling me it wasn’t the right time. We drove to Sugarcreek, OH on August 18, 2018 and picked up Emmett, he has been my best friend ever since!



Who is Emmett’s best pet-pal?

Emmett loves to play with his “Aunt” Bella who is a Boxer and his “Uncle” Diesel who is an English Bulldog. If you say their names his ears go up, head tilts, and he goes to the front door cause he’s ready to go play.


What is his best quality?

Emmett is extremely friendly and quite the social butterfly. He especially loves other dogs and little kids. He also has the best smile you know when he is happy and having a fun time!


If he was a rockstar/musician who would he be?

He would be Steven Tyler because they have the same crazy lion like hair.