Meet Charlotte and Stella!  These girls are two sides of the same coin. Charlotte is our snuggly girl who loves to hang out with her favorite people. Stella loves to run after balls and has to be moving all day. You’ll hear Stella talk a lot, but Charlotte is very quiet and serious.


What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Charlotte and Stella are both about 4 years old.

How did your dogs’ get their name?  Any aliases?

Charlotte is named after Princess Charlotte and Stella just looked like…. a Stella!

Charlotte is often called Princess Charlotte or Char-Bear. Stella is usually Stella Bella.

What are Stella and Charlotte’s best qualities?

They absolutely LOVE each other! They are always cuddling or playing together. They are sisters and best friends. ❤

They also love to play with their cousins Boston and Thor!

Where do your girls sleep?

They can sleep wherever they’d like, but they usually end up cuddled together on mom’s bed.

If your pups could pick a movie to watch/favorite movie, what would it be?

Charlotte’s favorite movie would probably be Sleeping Beauty, because she loves to lay around resting and looking beautiful. ?

Stella’s favorite movie would probably be Holes, because digging holes is her favorite thing ever! It drives her fur-mom crazy though! ?