Kong Lunches are here!!

We will be offering Kong Lunches for our daycare and boarding dogs.

For a minimal additional cost of $5 each, we will give your pup a frozen Kong treat for their lunch during their stay with us.

What’s in it, you ask?  Our Kong lunches will be made each night with flavored rice and yogurt and then frozen for the following day.


Benefits of Kong Lunch: 

  • Offers a great activity for mental stimulation and enrichment to curb unwanted behaviors such as coprophagia.
  • A foraging activity that your pup will love and look forward to.
  • Helps the more active pooch to wind down from physical stimulation.
  • The mixture of rice and yogurt can help calm tummies upset from extended stays away from home, or first timer jitters.


Who would benefit from this the most?

Every dog can benefit from a frozen Kong lunch to help work their mind and wear them out a little more by teaching them to forage. Foraging is the act of searching for food resources.  It is a natural behavior that is oftentimes overlooked as a wonderfully fulfilling and calming activity for our dogs.  Most of our canine companions are fed out of a bowl, and never have the opportunity to work for their food.  Usually when working with a dog that is displaying inappropriate behaviors one of the first adjustments our trainer makes is how they are fed.  This additional stimulation in their lives can make a huge impact on their everyday behavior.


Want to do this at home, too?  No problem! 

We are now selling Kongs right here at Sit, Stay, N’, Play

Stop on by and we can help guide you in your search to enrich the lives of your dogs.