Welcome to the very first edition of Sit, Stay, N’, Play Dog Park’s training blog! In this blog series we will address everything from basic obedience to solving larger behavioral problems such as aggression.


With the ringing in of the New Year comes new resolutions to start yourself off on the right foot.  Why not make some training resolutions for your best four legged friends to get them started off on the right paw?  Our dog companions suffer from bad habits and behaviors that are less than ideal just like we do.  Let’s all start the New Year right, and get them on track as well!  In order to set you and your dog up for a successful life together training them is vital, but it is also important to take into consideration the program you choose to enroll in.

Why is training your dog so important?

It is very important to set boundaries in any relationship.  Your relationship with your dog is no different.  When you train your dog to do certain tasks, or react a certain way in different environments and situations, you are setting a level of expectation for your current and future relationship.  Unfortunately, our canine counterparts don’t come with the knowledge of human language or etiquette.  It is during your structured and real life training sessions that you teach human languages to your dog, and help to bridge that communication gap.

Choosing the right program for you and your pup.

The best program for you is one that you and your dog are comfortable with.  If you have a sensitive dog, then a smaller more intimate setting with gentler methods is ideal for you.  Talk to your trainer before you enroll to make sure you and your canine companion will get the most out of your training experience.  A good dog trainer will listen to your concerns and either adjust to suit your needs or guide you into a more suitable direction.  Whether you decide to join a group setting, private classes one on one with your trainer, or you choose to have the trainer set the foundations for you during a board and train making sure that the method used is one you are comfortable with.

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