Charlie and Ela are quite the delightful duo. You won’t find a pair of dogs that have more distinct personalities. Charlie is an outgoing go-getter type of personality. She loves to make new friends and is so confident in all of her actions. One look in her eyes and you can tell that this girl is an old soul. Ela, on the other hand, is brand new to everything. Her beginning in life was rather rough. She was caught in a hurricane without shelter. This caused her to be more cautious and careful in life. She loves “her” people, though! Once you are in her inner circle she won’t let you stop petting her!

September 28 marks the 3 year anniversary of adopting Charlie and October 18 marks the 2 year anniversary for Ela!


What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed? How were you and your pups united?

Charlie is a 3 plus year old female Aussie Shepard/Border Collie mix. I got her from a rescue agency in Cincinnati. My granddaughter named her because she liked the name and she fell in love with Charlie as soon as she saw her.


Ela is a special case. She is a mini golden mix around 3 who was abandoned on the streets of Puerto Rico during the hurricanes. She was rescued by an animal rescue agency and brought to the states. She would not go to people or dogs. I took Charlie to the rescue shelter for a visit & Ela wagged her tail and reacted to Charlie. I was eventually able to adopt her. She would only react to Charlie and she quickly bonded with me.

Thanks to the patience, kindness and love shown by Katrina and Brandi at Sit, Stay, N’ Play Ela is opening up and beginning to trust others. Her two years at Sit, Stay, N’ Play have been invaluable in her success!

What is your pup’s favorite treat?

Ela’s favorite treats are anything that you call a treat and paper! Charlie loves the freeze dried liver treats and cheese — let’s be honest, Charlie loves food!!

What is their best quality?

Charlie’s best quality is her love of all people and animals although she is way too smart for her own good!!  Ela’s best quality is that she gives me hugs! She’s a goofy, loveable girl.


What special way do you spoil/ pamper your babes?

I spoil them with petting sessions! =]