Meet Lucy! Lucy is an extremely gregarious little girl who has one goal in life: make more friends! She hangs with the cool kids at daycare, and is one of the popular girls. You won’t catch this little girl playing in the hose or chasing the ball until she drops, though. Her interests are more refined. Instead, she’ll wrestle with her friends and then get some nice snuggles while she naps.

What’s your dog’s name, gender, age, breed?

Lucy Mae Starr, Female, 5 years, Not exactly sure on the breed. Google says she is most likely a Black Mouth Cur.

How were you and Lucy united?

December 2015 at the Dayton Mall pet adopt-a-thon. We got really lucky. We got there a little late and she was one of the last dogs available. They saved the best dog just for us.

Lucy’s favorite treat?

String cheese, peanut butter, banana and bully sticks.

Cat, postman, squirrel…?

Indifferent to the postman, but cats and squirrels beware. She also hates being wet.

Ball, squeaky-toy, stick…?

Flirt pole..she would chase that thing all night. Squeaky-toys come in at a close second.

Who is your dog’s best pet-pal?

I hear she has some husky buddies that she likes to play with at the dog park. At home she likes to run the fence line with our neighbors dog, Honey.

What is your Lucy’s best quality?

Outside of the unconditional love most dogs have for their people. Lucy’s best quality is she’s great at going with the flow. No matter what we’re doing she seems happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s: play time, meal time, walks, relaxing, training, cuddles, dog park, or bed time. Lucy loves everything except bath time and nail clipping but she still goes with it knowing treats and play time are coming shortly after.


Any silly nicknames for her?

Pupper and Sweetie. Nothing really silly.