Are you having trouble teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash?  We have a great alternative to helping you keep your dog where you want them, while keeping your hands free!  At Sit, Stay, N’, Play Dog Park we are now offering the Buddy System hands free leash for sale.  They are highly recommended for training your dog and giving you a free hand by the late animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin.

The benefits of using a hands free system:

  • This system lends you the extra hand that you may need to carry things while you are walking with your dog. From the aspect of a busy mom, this hands free system helps me to be able to keep my dogs under control while wrangling children.
  • While teaching your dog basic obedience and real life skills, this system makes it much simpler to give your dog clear and concise hand signals and body language.In order to keep your dog from pulling you can NEVER allow him to pull.  You must clearly communicate to your dog that forward motion only happens when we move with slack in the leash.  It is all too common for us humans to allow our arm to extend out when our dog pulls, and this causes our dog to learn that he can pull sometimes, or a little, and still move forward. A loose leash equals go.  With the hands free system when we stop, so does our dog.
  • It is extremely simple to use. Just adjust to your waist size and snap it on!
  • Have more than one pup you walk and train at once? No problem!  It has an optional add a buddy so that you can have more than one dog at one time.
  • When this system is paired with a Newtrix head halter, you have the perfect tools for setting your dog up for successfully learning how to walk calmly at your side.


***For a limited time, when you purchase a Buddy System at Sit, Stay, N’ Play,  you will be eligible for $10 off of a Newtrix Head Halter.  Stop on by, and talk to our Head Trainer, Katrina,  to get you set up and ready for your dream walk with Fifi.***

Obedience Classes start Wednesday, October 2. Sign up online or email for more information.