The short answer to this question is, immediately!  I often see new puppy parents enter into a fairy-tale relationship with a new puppy with the misconception that this sweet little ball of fluff will stay just as they are when you first bring them home.  The problem with this thought process is that your puppy or new dog is constantly learning from you and his new environment.  While they are young it may be cute when they jump in your lap, or on new guests, but once they are full grown you may not want them to continue performing these behaviors.  Your dog will practice what you teach.  It is much easier to teach a young dog or new dog to your life not to practice a behavior than it is to teach them to stop doing a learned behavior.

Type of Training

Whether you do structured training sessions with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist or not, you’re training begins with your first interaction.  How to set the stage for the behaviors you would like to see repeated are simple, yet require patience and perseverance.

  • Be consistent with your expectations. If your dog isn’t allowed to jump, then don’t allow the conduct, ever.
  • Management is your best friend. Preventing a behavior that you don’t like is the best way to keep your pup from practicing it.  (The actions that we perform with regularity become habit.  Habits are hard to break.)
  • Keep a training log, so that it’s easier to monitor your achievements
  • Join a group training class to aide in the socialization of your new friend

Why is it important to socialize your dog or puppy?

Socialization is a vital part of any training curriculum for any dog, but especially for new puppies. Every puppy goes through a critical socialization period between 7 weeks and 4 months.  What this means for you and your puppy is that they are learning about the world around them, and this is the period when they are the most receptive to new environments, people, and other animals.  If introduced to all of these new stimuli in a positive way, you are stacking the odds in your favor of having a dog that does not exhibit irrational fears or fear aggression.


Check out these classes that will be starting up:

  • Impulse Control 101: Starts May 29th. Will be held on Wednesdays from 5:00p to 6:00p for 6 weeks.  This class focuses on the distracted canine.  We will touch on behaviors like leash/barrier reactivity, and learning how to proof the behaviors you want to see while out of the house.  While this class is for dogs of all ages, our trainer does ask that your dog have a few of the basics under their belt before starting this class. Cost: $125
  • Puppy Class: Starts May 15th. Will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00p to 7:00p for 4 weeks.  This class is for puppies 6 months and younger that have had little to no training.  This class will encompass basic manners, socialization, introduction to simple commands, and troubleshooting problem behaviors to get you and your puppy on the road to a wonderful companionship. Cost: $100

Limited space is available, multiple dogs from the same family welcome.  Register at our front desk or online.

Feel free to email for any questions or to find out what class is the best fit for you and your pup!